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What People Say About Shambala Charters

Last year I had the opportunity to spend 10 days aboard Shambala in early January. The weather was quite a bit rainy but after every rain we would see beautiful rainbows. Some of the highlights were hiking the various gorgeous nature trails that the knowledgeable Captain took us to and sailing to some of the uninhabited cays, spending time snorkeling and enjoying small sweet secluded beaches. I enjoyed the simple but delicious meals on the boat especially the boat/home grown sprouts. Shambala is a cozy but sturdy vessel- this is not a lux boat but a real, true, intimate sailing experience. Captain Suky is a thoughtful and patient teacher if learning to sail is your thing. She would impart little gems of sailing wisdom along the way and tell us funny expressions like a little bit of blue in the clouds is called the dutchman's britches and big waves are elephants (you want them to lie down- HA) I had an amazing and magical time ( did I mention all the rainbows and dolphins swimming with the boat and feeding stingrays at the conch shack???) It is an experience I will treasure and hope to repeat! -Bon Voyage!

Lisa S.

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